Webinar: “Melaka State Election: A Litmus Test for GE 15?” – Department of Political Science, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

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Despite the on-going pandemic, Melaka’s 15th state election will be held on Saturday, 20 November 2021 as the state government collapsed in October due to the renouncement of support to the Melaka’s Chief Minister, Sulaiman Md Ali, by four lawmakers. Why is Melaka gaining such political attraction? The Melaka state poll will see 112 eligible candidates competing for just 28 state legislative seats. Evident of this rush for power are the numerous three-, four-, five- and six-cornered fights. Additionally, two former UMNO state lawmakers will be contesting under opposition Pakatan Harapan. Interestingly, these two former lawmakers were part of the four who recently withdrew their support for the incumbent chief minister, triggering this state election. The state election also sees the fragmentation of Perikatan Nasional coalition as UMNO rejected contesting under Perikatan Nasional and preferred to stand alone.

Notably, stricter election SOP and safeguards are introduced such as the prohibition of political rallies, walkabouts and home visits during the campaigning period are implemented in this election despite the decreasing COVID-19 infection rates. This is to prevent a repeat of triggering a wave of infections as experienced during the 2020 Sabah state election. Candidates are instead encouraged to “maximize their campaigning methods using online medium or through mass media and social media channels.”

In this upcoming webinar, Dr. Lau Zhe Wei and Dr. Tunku Mohar Mokhtar will provide their insights on the possibilities of this state election being a litmus test for Malaysia’s 15thGeneral Election which must be held before July 2023.

Date: Friday, 19 November 2021

Time:10.00am – 12.00pm

Speakers: Dr. Lau Zhe Wei and Dr. Tunku Mohar Mokhtar

Moderator: Dr. Syaza Shukri

Platform: ZOOM

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