The Workplace Episode 1: Gaps, Gaps Everywhere!

Promoted Content in support of the Green Ribbon Group. is pleased to present “The Workplace”, a podcast series by the Green Ribbon Group (GRG) that deep dives into different facets of workplace mental health in Malaysian modern workplace.  

This first episode provides an overview of the GRG’s research series on “Building a Community Approach to Workplace Mental Health”. Researchers Puteri Nor Ariane Yasmin and Muhammad Sinatra discuss key findings that have been gathered thus far.

The key points from the episode are: 

1.    The episode introduces the research series, consisting of six papers that each looks into different perceptions on workplace mental health. With four papers published thus far (at the time of recording), the episode also mulls over which direction the last two papers will head towards.

2.    One’s perception on workplace mental health differs depending on where they sit in the organization’s hierarchy (i.e., Operational, Manager or Senior Leader).

3.    Gen Zs have a clearer expectation of what an ideal workplace should be, which they deem would contribute towards their mental wellbeing in the workplace. This includes flexible working arrangements and bosses who are sensible to their struggles, among others. Often described as the “fragile” generation, Gen Zs, however, are perfectly capable of building resilience to withstand pressure in the professional space.

4.    Senior Leaders agree that mental health is important, but they cannot seem to agree on the best course to achieve employee wellbeing in their respective organizations.

5.    As the “sandwiched” group between the Gen Zs and Senior Leaders, there is an amplified urgency for Managers to equip themselves with the right skills and capabilities to support employee wellbeing. For that, Managers need to enroll in training programs.

6.    With men only comprising around 30% of the dataset (including an online survey and interviews), there is a perception that men in Malaysia are still uncomfortable to engage in conversations revolving around mental health.

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